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CT/PT Transformer Characteristics Comprehensive Tester TPVA-402

  • TPVA-402
TPVA402 is an automatic synthesized transformer tester developed by our company, it can finish following experiments: CT volt-ampere characteristics test, CT polarity test, PT polarity test, CT change ratio polarity test and PT change ratio polarity test, automatic calculation error curve at any point CT, CT / PT ratio difference results parameters.
1. Easy to operate, safety and convenient, microcomputer device, built imported high performance CPU, high reliability, after set test parameters according to post-screen prompts, not need to contact with the device manually, the instrument complete the test automatically, the test personnel away from high voltage circuit, to ensure their personal safety.
2. Large output capacity, Volt-ampere characteristics test maximum output voltage up to 1000V, change ratio test maximum output current of up to 600A, built-regulator output capacity 5KVA.
3. Optional accessories include external up-voltage machine, external up-flow machine, external voltage regulators. external up-voltage maximum value can rise to 2000V 3A, external up-current machine can rise to 1000A, maximum output of external voltage regulator up to1500V, 20A. when using an external up-voltage machine, you can do up to 500KV Grade 1A current transformer volt-ampere characteristic test.
4. Large-screen 320 * 240 dot matrix characters graphical interface, can display voltage characteristic curves directly after the test, clear graphics, beautiful, easy to analyze, comes with micro-printer, can print graph and test results.
5. TPVA402 use rotating mouse as an input device, convenient and easy to operation, long service life.
6. Equipped with built–in Flash memory, after storage, the data wont lose when the power is cut down, after the field test is completed, you can view and print test results indoors.
7. The instrument with RS232 communication interface, you can use a serial cable connect with computer, then PC and instruments could communicate online. Test related personals can control the instrument through computer, then complete the test or upload test data from the instrument. The PC application program comes with the instrument, powerful, elegant, easy to operate, can  save and print the test results, and output test data to EXCEL format for editing documents.
8. The instrument power can adapt to AC220V and AC380V power supply.

Input voltage Output range Measurement range Measurement degree
Main instrument 220V 0~600V,0~20A 0~600V,0~20A 0.5%

380V 0~1000V,0~20A 0~1000V,0~20A 0.5%

220V 0~600A 0~600A Change ratio measuring accurate 1%
External up-voltage machine 220V 0~1650V, 0~3A 0~1650V, 0~3A 0.5%

380V 0~2000, 0~3A 0~2000, 0~3A 0.5%
External up-flow machine 220V 0~1000A 0~1000A Change ratio measuring accurate 1%
External voltage regulator

0~1000V,0~30A 0.5%
Work power of instrument AC220V380V50HZ Dimensions: 420x330x320mm
Weight: 24kg


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