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ASTM D93 Digital Closed Cup Flash Point Tester TPC-100

  • TPC-100


TPC-100 tests the flash point of petroleum products. It complies to the regulated methods of ASTM D93, SH/T 0315 Closed Cup Flash Point Tester Technical Conditions.



1.Highlighted LED timely displays voltage; with heating power continuously and step-less adjustable; temperature rising precision greatly improved.

2.With temperature rising adjustment button and air cooking control button.

3.Designed totally regarding national standard; stirring high and low speed two-way regulation.

High precision air valve adjustment, safe and reliable.


Technical parameter:

Heating device

Heating power: 600W, continuously adjustable: 0-600W

Electric stirring device

Motor and flexible axle jointing stirring; stirring vane: 8*40mm

Standard oil cup

Inner diameter: 50.8mm; Depth: 56mm

Oil test capacity groove depth: 34.2mm

Oil test capacity: about 70ml

Ignition device

Gas ignition.(or other civil use gases )



Internal marked mercury thermometer; complies to GB514 standard.

(1) scale:-30~170°C; scale division: 1°C

(2) scale: 100~300°C; scale division: 1°C

Working power

AC 220V±10%, 50Hz

Power consumption



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