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ASTM D1692 Environmental Stress Cracking Tester TP-1629

  • TP-1629


The instrument is a special device designed for the environmental stress cracking test of polyethylene plastics according to the recommended test device of the standard requirements. The test device retains the technical requirements of the prototype device and has perfect and innovative structure and advanced technology.



GB/T1842-2008 Polyethylene Plastics Environmental Stress Cracking Test Methods, ASTM D1692:1997 Polyethylene Plastics Environmental Stress Cracking Test Methods.



The whole set of the equipment consists of:

A. constant temperature bath     B. notch device

C. specimen bending device      D. specimen transfer clamp


Sample holder Five components.

1. The bath liner is made of high quality 304 stainless steel, which has high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance;

2. The temperature control device adopts high stability operational amplifier and double-integration high-accuracy A/D conversion technology, which has high temperature control accuracy, and easy and intuitive operation interface;

3.  Adopts centrifugal circulation type stirring device with uniform temperature field;

4. The bath tank body has good heat preservation performance and large capacity, and can conduct multiple sets of tests at the same time;

5. The appearance of the scoring device is beautiful, the depth of the score is adjustable and controllable in the range. It has high precision, convenient operation and simple in use;

6. The nicking tool adopts HSS front steel material processing with high hardness, high wear-resistance, and preparation of sample cuts are smooth and smooth.

7. The specimen bending device and specimen transfer clamp have beautiful appearance, convenient operation and simple use.


Technical Parameters

Thermostatic bath:

1. Workstations: 30

2. Volume: 50L

3. Constant temperature temperature: 50°C±0.5°C and 100°C±0.5°C

4. Sample size (length * width * thickness): (38 * 13 * thick) mm

5. The length of the nicks: 19±0.1

6. Sample holder: Inner groove width 12mm

7. Heat transfer medium: soft water (recommended below 90°C) stator oil (above 90°C)

8. Power supply: (220-15%~220+10%)VAC 50Hz 3kW

9. Use ambient temperature: 10°C~35°C

10. Host size (length * width * height): 900mm * 450mm * 480mm

11. The weight of the host: about 30Kg

Scratch device:

1. Blade length: 19±0.1mm

2. Blade thickness: 0.23±0.03mm

3. Blade angle: 14°±2°

4. Scoring device stroke: (0-13) mm

5. Maximum depth of nicks: 3.5mm

6. Size (length * width * height): 300mm * 120mm * 300mm

7. Weight: about 12Kg



Constant temperature bath


Scoring device


Sample bending device


Sample transfer clamp


Specimen holder (if additional, please purchase separately)


Test tubes (if additional, please purchase separately)


Standard sample block





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