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Bitumen Dynamic Viscometer TP-0620B-1

  • TP-0620B-1


This instrument is made as per standards T 0620-2000 Dynamic Viscosity Test for Bitumen (Vacuum Capillary Method) in JTG E20-2011 Specification and Test Methods for Bitumen and Bituminous Mixture for Highway Engineering and SH/T0557-1998 Test method for Viscosity of Petroleum Asphalt (Capillary Method) . It is used to determine the dynamic viscosity of sticky petroleum asphalts by vacuum capillary viscometer.


Main technical features

1. The whole instrument is integrated design, simple in structure, convenient in operation, powerful in function and friendly in man-machine interface.

2. The vacuum system of the instrument is controlled by the electric signal transmitted by the high-precision electronic pressure sensor. It can be displayed clearly and intuitively through the numbers with high precision.

3. The built-in liquid level protection system of the bathtub can intelligently control the water level of the bathtub, so as to prevent the accident of heating pipe dry burning.

4. According to the user's choice, the generated test report can automatically calculate the mean value and error percentage of the results of 2 to 4 parallel tests, and generate the parallel sample test report. This kind of calculation can be carried out many times, which is convenient for users to eliminate unsatisfactory results.

5. The system can generate test reports for all test results. The test reports are stored in the instrument in the form of independent documents for further transmission or printing.


Main technical specifications

Power supply:  AC(220±10%)V , 50Hz

Total power consumption:  ≤1800W

Temperature control point:  60.00℃±0.01℃

4. Vacuum control point:   40kPa±0.066kPa

5. Timing mode:  4 built-in timer. Can do timing for 4 capillary viscometers

6. Timing range:  0.0s~99999.9s(27.7h); Bias ≤0.02%

7. Coefficient Library of viscometer:  60 viscometer coefficients can be stored in the system 

8. Measurement range:  About 18 Pa.s~580000Pa.s

9. Test samples:  4 samples

10. Ambient temperature:   15℃~35

11. Relative humidity:     ≤85%


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