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TP-138 Pharmacy Refrigerator

  • TP-138

Precise temperature control system

Adopting Italian CAREL high-precision temperature control system to keep the internal temperature of the box 2~8°C accurate and stable; three high-brightness digital display, the temperature setting value can be fine-tuned in the range of 2°C8°C, the temperature display accuracy is 0.1°C,

The resolution is 0.1 ° C and the adjustment increment is 0.1 ° C.

Unique high-resolution temperature calibration function, the set point can be adjusted and proofread, the calibration range is 2~8°C, and the calibration is 0.1°C increment.

Intelligent control fan controls the air circulation system to ensure the temperature uniformity inside the cabinet;

The upper and lower point digital temperature display, the average temperature display, the resolution of 0.1 °C, easy to accurately observe the temperature inside the monitoring box


Safe control system

The alarm temperature range is freely set; the system fault alarm (high temperature alarm, low temperature alarm, sensor fault alarm, door open alarm), fault point code display.

Alarm mode: sound buzzer alarm, light flashing alarm; (remote signal alarm optional).

Specially designed sensor failure, digital turbulence, two safe automatic running programs.

The operator and manager menus are differentiated to ensure the responsibility of managing operational parameters and the reliability of item storage.

Built-in lithium ion animal battery, can continuously display the temperature inside the box and sound and light alarm for 72 hours after power off



Cooling System

Adopt original German SECOP high efficiency compressor;

German "EBM" cooling fan;

German "DANFOSS" dry filtration system;

German "DANFOSS" condensing system


Humanized design

The multi-layer rack design can adjust the gap according to the specifications of the stored medicines and make full use of the space;

Transparent vacuum tempered glass door;

The application of the external door anti-condensation technology, 85% humidity without condensation, to ensure the observation of the situation inside the box;

Large screen digital display for easy viewing;

The safety door lock is designed to prevent any opening.

Wide voltage band for 187-242V voltage.

Casters are easy to use;

Built-in lighting


Optional project

24-hour track record printing system

UPS emergency power supply

DC24V-AC220V inverter, DC 24V power supply can support the normal use of the refrigerator

SMS over temperature alarm server module


The main technical parameters

Product model

Total effective volume


Input power

Temperature inside the box


(width * depth * height)












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