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ASTM D93 Closed Cup Flash Point Tester Model TPC-006

  • TPC-006



TPC-006 Closed Cup Flash Point Tester(semi-automatic) is designed and manufactured in accordance with GB/T 261-2008 and ASTM D93. It is suitable for determining the closed cup flash point of petroleum products. There are two ignition methods: electronic ignition and gas ignition. The random configuration includes the necessary parts for the test which can be completed without additional spare parts.


1. This instrument is composed of electric heating system, motor stirring device, standard oil cup, flame lighter, electric automatic ignition mechanism, etc.

2. The electric ignition mechanism adopts flexible transmission. As long as you press the switch, it can automatically complete the actions required by standards such as ignition, automatic opening and closing of the cover of the oil cup, strictly ensuring that the fireball stays at the opening of the test cup for 1 second during ignition.

3. The electric stirring system adopts the best coordination method of hard and soft shafts, the stirring action of which is flexible.

4. 2 kinds of stirring speed: 90~120r/min for step A (method A), 250±10% r/min for step B (method B).

5. The electric heating device adjusts the heating voltage through the solid voltage regulator, which can conveniently control the heating rate and meet the different requirements for the heating rate when measuring different flash point samples.

6. The flash point measuring device includes sample stirring device, electronically controlled ignition mechanism, detachable connection test cup cover, igniter and other accessories.

7. Gas supply pipeline: A main gas valve set up can switch the main gas source and change the pressure of the main gas source input into the instrument. 2 gas fine-tuning valves adjust the gas volume of the open flame and pilot flame respectively to stabilize the flame size.

8. Air cooling device: The unique air duct design can greatly increase the cooling rate of the heating device and the sample, improving work efficiency.


Technical parameters:

1. Test range: 40300℃

2. Stirring speed: 90~120r/min for step A (method A), 250±10% r/min for step B (method B)

3. Power: 500W

4. Gas source: Liquefied petroleum gas, propane

5. Dimension: 450×280×400 (mm)

6. Weight: 15kg


Accessories configuration (including manufacturer) (single unit):

Serial Number

Name and Specification Model




Host TPC-200

1 set


Fuse Φ6×30  10A

1 pc


Thermometer5110℃ GB/T514 GB1

2 pcs


Thermometer adapter

1 pc

Stainless steel



Test cup

1 pc



Electronic igniter

1 pc

High-frequency pulse


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