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Petroleum Products Density Tester DST-3000

  • DST-3000


The  petroleum products density laboratory equipment DST-3000 is designed and made as per national standard GB/T 1884-2000 “Test Methods for Density of Petroleum and Liquid Petroleum Products (Densimeter methods)”. The  density tester is suitable to determine density of liquid petroleum products using a densimeter.

Working Condition

1. Ambient temperature: -10°C ~ +40°C; The temperature should not change more than ±2°C;

2. Relative humidity: ≤85%;

3. The instrument should be placed on a flat workbench during operation and please try your best to reduce air convection during a test.

4. If the instrument is not used for long time, please store it at a dry place.

Technical Parameters


DST-3000 Petroleum Product Density Laboratory Equipment

Power supply

AC 220V±10%, 50 Hz

Bath cubage

Inner Dia.300 mm340 mm

Test tube

500 ml,1000ml(1000ml need to be customized)

Heating power

700 W, 1000 W

Temperature controller

Temperature controlling range: 0 °C~100 °C

Temperature controlling accuracy: ±0.1 °C

Temperature sensor: Industrial platinum resistance; its scale number is Pt100


It is a total immersed mercury thermometer having scale division of 0.2 °C

Ambient temperature

-10 °C~+40 °C, Temperature fluctuation ≤ 2 °C

Relative humidity







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