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SH/T0221 LPG Pressure Densimeter TP-08R

  • TP-08R


Pressure densimeter cylinder meets with SH/T0221 Determination Method of LPG Density Or Relative Density (Pressure Density Meter Method). it is suitable to test the LPG or light hydrocarbon whose vapor pressure (gauge pressure) is less than 1.4MPa at test temperature.

Steps of Sampling

1. Carefully clean and dry the inner wall of densimeter, thermometer and pressure cylinder. Put the densimeter into pressure cylinder and hang the thermometer well, cover the end plate.

2. Connect appropriate connector to the inlet valve and sample supply source in order to lead the sample into cylinder. The junction parts should be checked without leakage. Open the outlet valve and slightly open the inlet valve, let the sample flow through the bottom of the cylinder outlet valve, rinse the sampling connection part.

3. After rinsing the connection part, close the outlet valve and vent valve, open the inlet valve so that the liquid enters into the cylinder until full. If necessary, you can slightly open the vent valve so that it completely fill the cylinder, then close it. Pay attention not to let the gauge pressure rise to more than 1.4MPa in the cylinder.

4. When the cylinder has been filled with sample, close the inlet valve and open the outlet valve so that the contents inside the cylinder all be discharged, and reduce the pressure inside the cylinder down to atmospheric pressure.

5. Close the outlet valve and open the inlet valve, fill the cylinder to the liquid livel where the densitmeter enclosed inside cylinder can freely float. If necessary, you can finish this filling by the same way of using the vent valve to discharge the steam. If you fill after repeatedly rinsing and fully cooling, then you do not have to vent it.

6. Close all the valves, check the instrument leakage condition. if found with leak, the sample void. After it down to the atmospheric pressure, repair the leak point and repeat the above sampling procedures.


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