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TP-SW Soil Temperature and Humidity Tester

  • TP-SW


The soil moisture quick-measuring instrument adopts the integrated structure design, and the built-in SD card and the host can collect the water, the temperature and the one-key upload data of the soil under test in real time.


Technical parameters:

1. Measurement parameters:water content of soil volume;

2. Unit:% (m3/ m3);

3. The sensitivity was ±0.01% (m3/m3).

4. Range: 0 ≤ 100% (m3/m3);

5. Measurement accuracy: 0≤50% (m3/m3) ±2% (m3/m3);

 50-100% (m3/m3) ±3% (m3/m3);

6. Resolution: 0.1%

7. The measuring area: 90% of the influence was in the cylinder with the diameter of 3cm and 6cm around the central probe.

8. Stable time: about 10 seconds after power-on;

9. Response time: the response enters the stable process within 1 second;

10. Temperature range:Temperature range:-40—120 °C

11. Measurement accuracy: 0.2 °C

12. Resolution: 0.1 °C

13. Communication mode: USB, wired RS485, wireless and GPRS

14. Software: the upper computer software is given free of charge

15. Cable: moisture national standard shield line 2 meters, temperature polytetrafluorine high temperature resistant wire 2 meters.

16. Measurement mode: plug-in type, buried type, section, etc.

17. Power supply mode: lithium battery power supply

18. GPS module,GPRS module, SMS module,MAX485 can be configured


Function and characteristics:

1. a dozen kinds of wired sensors or wireless sensors can be arranged at any time, so that the measurement is accurate and convenient;

2. voice, GPS, GPRS data upload and other functions can be configured according to user needs;

3. low power consumption design, increase the system reset protection function, prevent the power short circuit or external interference and damage, avoid the system crash;

4. LCD display can display the current time, sensor and its measured value, battery power, voice status, GPS status, network status, TF card status, etc.

5. large capacity lithium battery power supply, and the battery overcharge and overdischarge protection function;

6. the equipment needs to be charged by A specially equipped power supply. The adapter size is 8.4v / 1.5a, and the full charge needs about 3.5h; Charging adapter is red, full of green.

7. USB interface is used for data communication with the computer to export data, parameter configuration and other operations;

8. large-capacity data storage, with TF card configured to store data indefinitely;

9. equipped with upper computer, data in TF card can be imported into PC software through USB, so as to realize data view and analysis, data report, cloud synchronization and other functions.

10. the alarm setting of environmental information parameters is simple and fast;

11. there is manual option of GPRS on/off in the interface;

12. wired RS485 communication, the longest sensor communication cable can reach 100 meters;

13. the straight-line distance of wireless sensor communication is 200 meters, which can be connected with/wireless sensor.


Scope of application:

It is widely used in soil moisture detection, dry irrigation, fine agriculture, forestry, geological exploration, plant cultivation and other fields.


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