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Petroleum Products Chroma Tester Model TP-225

  • TP-225
 Petroleum products chroma tester is designed and manufactured under the  requirements of standard SH/T0168 inDetermination of chroma in petroleum products. Applicable to the determination of the color in various lubricants, kerosene, diesel and other petroleum products. The tester indicial colors and the GB/T6540 provisions colors represent a correspondence.
1. Petroleum products Chroma tester consist of standard color wheel, an observation optical lens, light, colorimetric tube.
2. Taking the inside frosted light bulbs as standard light source, which using 220V / 100W, the color temperature is 2750 ± 50K. After Source light color filter through the milky glass and sunlight filter glass, the spectral characteristics of the resulting standard light similar to North Light.
3. The light of petroleum products Chroma tester through the filter, then form two parallel beams, their size and shape are exactly the same, uniformly irradiated on the sample of color glass in standard color wheel and sample colorimetric tube, and through the prism and lens reflex, then enter into the eyepiece.
4. There are 26 pieces of Φ14 light holes, of which 25 were 1-25 sequence containing color number standard color glass sheet, the twenty-sixth is blank, the color wheel on the right side hole, so that the operator selects the correct standard corresponding color when toggle the standard color wheel, and compares the standard color in standard color wheel and color of samples in color tube.
5. Colorimetric tube is a flat glass tube, which inner diameter Φ32 mm, height of 120 to 130 mm of colorless. Colorimetric tube is put into the cavity from a small cover on top of the instrument.
6. Observed eyepiece consist of optical lenses, you can observe standard color glass samples in the eyepiece. Both the two colors each occupied semicircular area, which left for the sample color, the right to a standard color on the color wheel. Optical eyepieces have focusing and light adjustment capability, also easy to use.

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