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Low Temperature Water Bath TP-1

  • TP-1


The instrument is a laboratory instrument specially designed and made for corresponding factories and companies, construction units, research institutes, and colleges and universities. Using a refrigeration compressor of new type, the instrument has characteristics of fine refrigeration effect and low noise. It has been widely accepted by the users. It is with large cubage and high temperature controlling accuracy, so it is suitable to be used in the laboratories of highway engineering construction units.


Main technical features

1.Adopting stainless steel bath container and operating platform, spraying plastics tank, transparent glass bath cover, strong anti-corrosion capacity, convenient observation.

2. High precision liquid crystal display temperature controller and circulating pump are used to circulate the bath liquid. The circulation is sufficient, the temperature in the bath is uniform, the temperature control precision is high, and the appearance is elegant.

3.Large volume, reasonable design and easy operation, it is a necessary constant temperature water bath instrument for scientific research, production and usage of asphalt and mixture, scientific research, production and usage of petroleum products, relevant colleges and universities, scientific research institutes and other units.     


Main technical specifications

1. Power supply: AC (220 V ±10%), 50 Hz

2. Total power consumption: ≤2000 W

3. Size of water bath: 370mm ×300mm ×300mm

4. Suitable water cubage: 28 L

4. Heating device: Electric heater, power is 1300 W

5. Refrigeration device: refrigeration compressor of new type

6. Temperature controlling range: 5 ℃~80 ℃

7. Temperature controlling accuracy: ±0.1 ℃

8. Working environment: Temperature: (15-35) ℃, Relative humidity: ≤85%

9. Size: 750mm ×540mm ×580mm;

10. Net weight: 30 kg


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