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TP-268 Carbon Residue Tester ASTM D189 (Conrad Method)

  • TP-268


Under the test conditions specified in GB / T 268 (equivalent to ASTM D189), place the weighed sample in a crucible for decomposition distillation. The residue is heated strongly for a certain period of time to undergo cracking and coking reaction. After the specified heating time, put the crucible containing carbon residue in the dryer to cool and weigh, and calculate the carbon residue value (expressed by the mass percentage of the original sample).



TP-268 Petroleum Products Conrad Carbon Residue Tester is mainly composed of porcelain crucible, inner iron crucible, outer iron crucible, nickel chromium wire tripod, round iron cover, flame shield, blowtorch, etc. See Figure 1 for details.

1. Blast Burner 2. Dry sand 3. Flameproof body 4. Outer iron crucible 5. Horizontal hole

6. Fire Bridge 7. Nickel chrome wire frame 8. Porcelain crucible 9. Inner iron crucible

10. Round iron cover


Installation and use

1. After the instrument is unpacked, take out the instrument carefully, and connect the pipeline after inspection.

2. Please refer to GB / T268 (equivalent to ASTM D189 ) for test method.

3. During the test, combustible gas leakage shall be avoided to avoid accidental injury.


Maintenance and repairing

1. Keep the instrument clean to prevent acid, alkali, oil stain and moisture.

2. In case of any failure of the instrument, please ask professional personnel to repair it, and do not dismantle it randomly.


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