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CT/PT Tester (TPVA-405)

  • TPVA-405


Tests for Current Transformer:

1. Excitation curve and parameters test

2. Turns ratio test

3. Ratio and phase error test

4. Polarity mark check

5. Winding resistance measurement

6. Secondary loop burden measurement

7. Error line curve test for protection CT

8. Transient CT parameters test

9. CT nameplate guess

10. Saturation hysteresis loop curve measurement

Tests for Voltage Transformer:

1. Turns ratio test

2. Ratio error and phase angle error test

3. Polarity test

4. Secondary burden test

5. Winding resistance test


Applications of CT/PT Analyzer:

1. CT nameplate check

2. CT parameters check in work burden

3. CT transient parameters analysis

4. CT ratio and phase error calibration

5. PT routine test

CT/PT Analyzer Function and Technical Index

1. Test standards: IEC60044-1, IEC60044-6, IEC60044-2, IEC60044-5, C57.13

2. Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz±10%

3. Voltage output: 0.1~180V (AC)

4. Current output: 0.001~5A(RMS)

5. Power output: 500VA

6. Maximum knee voltage measurement: 45KV

7. Current measurement:

Range: 0~10A (automatically change range in 0.1/0.4/2/10A)

Error: <±0.1%+0.01%FS

8. Voltage measurement:

Range: 0~200V (automatically change range in 1V/10V/70V/200V)

Error: < ±0.1%+0.01%FS

9. Turns ratio measurement:


1~2000     error<0.05%

2000~5000  error<0.1%

5000~35000  error<0.2%

10. Phase measurement: error: ±2min; resolution: 0.01min

11. Winding resistance measurement: 

Range: 0~8kΩ (automatically change range in 2ohm/20ohm/80ohm/800ohm/8kohm)

Error: < 0.2%RDG+0.02%FS

Maximum resolution: 0.1mΩ

1. Temperature measurement:-50~100 Celsius degree; error<3 Celsius degree

2. CT Secondary burden:

Range: 0160ohm (automatically change range in 2ohm/20ohm/80ohm/160ohm)

Error: <0.2%RDG+0.02%FS 

Maximum resolution: 0.001ohm

3. PT Secondary burden:

Range: 080kohm (automatically change range in 800ohm/8kohm/80kohm)

Error :<0.2%RDG+0.02%FS 

Maximum resolution: 0.1ohm

4. PT ratio measurement:

Range: 1~35000

1~10000 error<0.1%

10000~35000 error<0.2%

16. PT ratio error measurement: Typical error <0.05%, Maximum Error<0.1%

17. PT phase angle measurement: maximum error < 3min

18. Make evaluation for test results according to selected standards

19. Make word report for test result

20. Make word reports one time for multi-group test records on the PC

21. Calculate the ratio errors and phase angle errors at rated burden and working burden in one time test

22. Compare excitation curves with saved excitation curves in the same window

23. Memory capacity: >1000 groups test results 

24. Working condition: temperature: -1050; moist: ≤90%

25. Size: 485mm×356mm×183mm

26. Weight: <15k


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