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Insulation Oil Dielectric Strength Tester Calibration Device TP-101

  • TP-101


Product description:

The calibration device of the insulating oil dielectric strength tester is a professional instrument designed for the measurement and calibration of the insulating oil dielectric strength tester of the Electric Power Testing and Measurement Institute. The instrument can complete the breakdown voltage and boost of the insulating oil dielectric strength tester. Performance parameters such as speed and waveform distortion are detected, and the test result report is automatically given. The device uses the instantaneous voltage of the insulating oil dielectric strength tester as the test basis to calculate the error of the instrument, which is more intuitive than the previous steady-state calibration method , Accurate and effective. The hardware and software characteristics of the verification device of the insulating oil dielectric strength tester include:

1. Using the active breakdown method, the breakdown condition is constructed at the designated point to detect the breakdown voltage reading error of the tested product

2. Real-time display of the output voltage waveform of the tested product, and record the voltage waveform diagram of the test product at the moment of breakdown, which can easily analyze the cut-off time of the tested product

3. Sampling of 2 high-voltage signals, simultaneously detecting high-voltage signals of two high-voltage arms of the insulating oil dielectric strength tester

4. The instrument can automatically generate a WORD test report in a standardized format

5. The test environment settings and instrument settings of various tests are automatically saved

6. Automatic calculation of test parameters for various tests

7. Draw test curves in real time, and provide a variety of curve analysis tools, so that users can zoom and position the curve arbitrarily


Technical Information:

1. The measurement error of 10KV~100KV is less than 0.2%RDG+0.04kv

2. The measurement error of the boost rate is less than 0.5%

3. Time reading resolution 39us

4. Power supply AC220V±10%50Hz

5. The highest measurement voltage: 100kv (-50kv~50kv, no breakdown control box connected)

6. The highest breakdown voltage: 80kv

7. The capacitance value of the voltage divider is 10pf, and the highest measurement voltage is 50kv (50Hz/60Hz)

8. The maximum allowable input voltage of the breakdown control box is 80kv

9. The computer supporting the application software system must meet the following requirements:

a. CPU frequency>1.5GHz

b. System memory>1GB

c. The operating system of the computer is WindowsXP/Windows7

d. Computer's hard disk>40G

e. With USB2.0 interface

10. Operating temperature range: 0~50 degrees Celsius, humidity <80%


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