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TP605DP Precision Dew Point Meter

  • TP605DP

Function overview

The TP605DP precision dew point meter is an ideal choice for industrial environments where the dew point is low and the dry point needs to be controlled. It has a chemical substance removal option, which enables the dew point meter to perform accurate and stable measurements in an environment with high concentrations of chemical substances and detergents, thereby ensuring accurate measurement between each calibration interval. This function can be executed online through the control system, and it can also be executed regularly at preset time intervals.


Main features

1. 4.3" TFT touch screen design

2. 32-bit ARM MCU

3. Separately designed air way and circuit

4. Large capacity storage function

5. Digital display of battery electric quantity

6. Good repeatability, high response speed

7. Automatic calibration of gradient

8. Color LCD display

9. Advanced probe protection function

10. Anti-pollution, anti-disturbance

11. High sensitivity, good stability

12. Small, beautiful, easy to carry


Technical indicators

Measuring range: dew point -80°C~+20°C (support ppmv, etc.) Standard configuration; can be customized -100~20°C range

Dew point accuracy: ±2°C

(When the dew point temperature is lower than 0°C, the sensor output is the frost point)

Response time 63% [90%]

         +20→-20°C Td 5s[45s]

         -20→-60°C Td 10s[240s]

Resolution: Dew point 0.1°C or 0.1ppm

Repeatability: ±0.2°C

Gas flow: SF6 adjusted at 0.7~0.9L/min

Probe protection: stainless steel sintered filter

Working voltage: 110~220VAC, AC and DC dual purpose

Storage temperature grade: -40~+70°C

Output interface: USB specification

Operating environment: Temperature: -25~+60°C

           Pressure: 0~10bar

Sample gas flow rate: no effect

Power supply mode: lithium battery, AC and DC, automatic switching, overcharge and overdischarge protection function

Volume and weight: 372*266.5*134.5 (mm), 3.5kg


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