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Capacitance and Dissipation Factor Tester /Tan Delta Tester CDEF

  • CDEF


Automatic 10KV Capacitance & Dissipation Factor Test Set is used to measure dissipation factor (PF) in heavy interference site such as power plants or power substations. It can also be used in laboratory for high accurate test. The set is whole in one designed: Including precision digital bridge, power unit, reference capacitor (CN), step-up transformer and other electronic circuits. It's also using frequency shift technology, FFT (Fast Fourier Transform algorithm) and digital filtering. When started, it's running automatically and then outputs the results on LCD display and prints the results automatically.


Accuracy: Cx ± (reading 1%+1pF)

PF ± (reading 1%+0.00040)

Interference Ratio: Interference current is no more than 2 times of the test current

Capacitance Range: Internal HV 3pF~60000pF / 10kV, 60pF~1uF/0.5kV External HV 3pF~0.3uF/10kV Resolution 0.0001pF,

4 digital PF Range: No limit, Resolution 0.001%, C/L/R specimen test Input current range: 10μA~1A Internal HV: 0.5~10kV / 200mA (max)

HV Adjust: Rise or fall smoothly

HV Accuracy: ± (reading 1%+10V) Resolving 1V Frequency select: 60Hz single point, locked 55Hz/65Hz double point, locked Test Time: 40S typical Power Supply: 180V~270V 50Hz/60Hz auto Operating Temperature: 0~60 degree

Storage Temperature: -20~60 degree

Humidity: <90


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