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Diesel Oil Total Contaminant Content Tester Model TP-313

  • TP-313


The TP-313 Diesel Oil Total Contaminant Content Tester is designed and manufactured in accordance with GB/T 33400-2016. It is suitable for the determination method requirements of total pollutant content in middle distillate oil, diesel oil and fatty acid methyl ester. The random configuration includes the necessary parts for the test which can be completed without additional spare parts.



This instrument is composed of the Host, vacuum pump, suction filter bottle, filter, etc. In order to facilitate the experiment operation, the host is equipped with a timer. The vacuum adjustment and suction filtration adjustment are adjusted by precision needle valves to ensure the stability of vacuum and sample flow.

Special filter with large capacity.

The filter membrane backing plate has a uniform pore size to protect the filter membrane from damage.

Equipped with vacuum pump, the vacuum system is stable. The vacuum pump switch is installed on the instrument panel, which is easy to operate.

Equipped with 100 pieces of imported filters for filtering oil samples and 100 pieces of domestic filters for filtering reagents.

The filter sealing ring adopts fluorine rubber ring to seal to resist corrosion.


Technical parameters:

Vacuum degree: absolute pressure 2KPa5KPa

Filter volume: 500ml

Volume of receiving container: 2500ml

Power supply voltage: 220VAC±10% 50HZ

Working frequency: 50Hz

Ambient temperature: 10℃35℃

Imported filter membrane: 100 sheets/box 0.7μm

Domestic filter membrane: 100 sheets/box 0.45μm

Detectable items of the instrument configuration:

It is applicable to the requirements of the total pollutant content determination method in middle distillate oil, diesel oil and fatty acid methyl esters.

Accessories configuration (including manufacturer) (single unit):

Serial Number

Name and Specification Model




Host TP-313

1 set


Vacuum pump FY-1C-N

1 set


Fuse Φ5×20  10A

1 pc


Stainless steel filter 500ml

1 pc


Filter bottle 2500ml

2 pcs



Imported filter membrane 0.7μm

100 pcs

High retention glass fiber membrane


Domestic filter membrane 0.45μm

100 pcs


Viton ring Φ50×2.4

4 pcs


16G genuine USB flash drive including operation demonstration video

1 pc


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