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Bitumen PAV System(Pressure Aging Vessel) TPAV-1

  • TPAV-1



This system is designed and made as per industrial standards T 0630-2011 Accelerated Aging Test for Bitumen by Pressure Aging Vessel in JTG E20-2011 Standard Test Methods of Bitumen and Bituminous Mixtures for Highway Engineering and SH/T 0774-2005 Standard practice for accelerated aging of asphalt binder using a pressurized aging vessel (PAV). It also refers to standards ASTM D6521 and AASHTO PPI. It covers the accelerated aging (oxidation) of asphalt binders by means of pressurized air and elevated temperature.


Main technical features

1. This system is composed of PAV-1-1 pressuring aging vessel and PAV-1-2 aging vacuum vessel.

2. This system is equipped with a PC. The high pressure aging test is controlled by a PC. All test procedures can be controlled by a PC.


Main technical specifications

(I) PAV-1-1 pressuring aging vessel

1.Power supply: AC(220±10%)V, 50Hz

2.Total power consumption: 2kw

3.Working temp.:(90~110)℃±0.5℃

4.Working pressure:  2.1MPa±0.01MPa

5. Dimension:630mm×450mm×500mm


II)PAV-1-2 aging vacuum vessel

1.Power supply: AC(220±10%)V, 50Hz

2.Total power consumption: 0.9kw

3.Working temp.:180℃±0.5℃

4.Working pressure:  15kPa

5. Dimension:560mm×390mm×350mm


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