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Transmitter Two-wire Dew Point Transmitter TP75

  • TP75

The design concept of the TP75 transmitter is simple and easy to use, and its integrated features are to simplify installation and use as much as possible. This fully set and calibrated transmitter makes dew point measurement as easy as temperature and pressure measurement, and can be directly connected to your air or gas management and control system. 



Two-wire power circuit connection

Dew point unit or ppm moisture content unit

IP66 (NEMA 4)

Excellent sensor protection

Range -100 ~ +20°C

Working temperature -40 ~ 60°C

quick response




Dew point range

-80 ~ +20°C dew point

Dew point accuracy

±2°C dew point

Response time

T95 is 5 minutes (from dry to wet)


0.5°C dew point

Input output

Output signal

4-20 mA (two-wire) active output, full range can be customized

Dew point -80 ~ + 20°C

0-3000 ppmV

ppmV output or non-standard output range must be specified when ordering


12–28 V DC

Resistive load

> 250 Ω @ 12 V
500 Ω @ 24 V

Current consumption

> 20mA

Influence of power fluctuation

±0.005% RH/V

Working condition requirements

Operating temperature

-40 ~ +60°C

Working humidity

0–100% RH

Work pressure

> 45 MPa (450 barg)


1 ~ 5 Nl/min, installed in a standard sampling sleeve;

0 to 10m/sec, direct plug-in

Temperature coefficient

Temperature compensation has been made within the operating temperature range

Mechanical behavior

Sealing protection level

IP66 corresponding to BS EN 60529:1992,
And NEMA 4 corresponding standard NEMA 250-2003

Shell material

Stainless steel


L=132mm x ø27mm

Mounting thread

5/8" - 18 UNF




HDPE protective cap
80μm stainless steel protective cap (optional)

Electrical connections

Details see Table


Sensors are interchangeable

Fault overview (factory setting)

Condition Output sensor fault 23 mA dew point below the range 4 mA dew point over the range 20 mA


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