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TP-280 Straw Feed Moisture Analyzer

  • TP-280


This instrument is widely used in industries such as pasture, pasture, wheat bran, animal feed, straw, and fiber materials that need to quickly measure moisture or moisture regain. The instrument has a wide measurement range, high accuracy, strong resolution, rapid measurement, stable performance, and can be carried on site for rapid detection. It is an ideal instrument for trade, scientific research and quality inspection departments.

1. Press the power switch ON/OFF, the digital display on the LCD screen is within 00.0±0.5. If it is not within this range, press the zero key (ZERO) to make the number display 0.

2. Insert the probe into the test object so that the test object is in good contact with the probe. After the value is stable, the displayed number is the moisture value of the test object.



1. Using the principle of resistance, integrated human design, high-sensitivity sensors can output corresponding electrical signals according to changes in paper scraps and waste paper moisture, and the measurement results are displayed on the screen intuitively.

2. The measurement speed is fast, which can replace the traditional oven method and shorten the moisture determination time. The entire process only needs 1 minute to operate, and the measured value is read in 1 second, which greatly saves the valuable time of the inspector.

3. Small size, light weight, strong anti-interference performance, and can be carried on site for rapid detection.

4. Using temperature and humidity compensation technology, the measurement accuracy is high, accurate, reliable and stable.

5. The instrument design adopts low-power large-scale integrated circuit and liquid crystal display technology, and low power consumption.

6. Alarm function, keep the maximum value.


Technical specification



Measuring range of moisture content:


Ambient temperature:

-10°C to 60°C

Humidity accuracy:


Measuring principle:

Resistance method, temperature compensation

Probe length:






Response time:

1 second

using electric:

4 AAA batteries

Display method:

4-digit backlit LCD LCD digital display


460mm*75mm*35mm (maximum volume)

Net Weight:



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