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Intelligent Safety Tools Insulated Boots Gloves Withstand Voltage Device GLV

  • GLV


The test device is a special equipment for batch test of insulating boots (gloves). It can also test safety tools, such as insulating rods, insulating screwdrivers, insulating pads, etc. It is designed and produced by our company according to the test requirements of insulated boots (gloves) and in compliance with the opinions of the majority of users.

This product effectively solves the irregular tests in the past, improves work efficiency, and guarantees work safety. It is an ideal special equipment for insulating boots (gloves).

The product adopts advanced microelectronics processing technology, the entire use process can be set up in advance, the entire Chinese interface, the operation is simple and clear. After all the test items are set, the test will be performed automatically, without manual intervention.


Technical Specification


AC 220v



The output voltage


Voltage accuracy


Current accuracy


Display method

7-inch true color high-definition digital screen

Touch mode

Resistive touch is more accurate

Operation method

Automatic / manual

Data preservation

60 groups


Multi-level permission settings

Multi-level protection, safer use

Note: Our company can customize products with different specifications and special functions according to customer requirements.


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