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Lubricating Oil High Temperature Foam Characteristics Tester SD-0722

  • SD-0722


This SD-0722 High temperature lubricant foaming characteristics tester is applied for testing the lubricant foaming characteristics at 150 °C. Heat the sample to 49 °C and  after 30min constant temperature cool it to room temperature. Then transfer the sample to a specified cylinder and heat it up to 150 °C, inlet dry air into the metal diffusion head for 5min. Test the instantaneous static foam amount, kinetic foam amount before stopping air inlet, and static foam amount, foam disappearing time and total volume increase percentage within specific time after stopping air inlet.



1. Stainless steel heater;

2. High temperature resistant borosilicate glass cylinder, Φ300*450mm, meet standard requirements;

3. Quite precise flow meter, with needle valve, flow rate 0~94ml/min;

4. Air filter with glass wool;

5. Environmentally friendly oil bath heating to reduce harm of oily fume to human body, with highly efficient heat insulation effect;

6. Microprocessor thermostat and PID control, digital display of temperature with accuracy 0.1 °C, Pt100 RTD temperature probe;

7. Working temperature range: room temperature ~ 150°C, with safety measures to prevent overheating or low liquid level.


Technical Parameters

1. Applicable standards: ASTM D6082   SH/T0722

2. Temperature control accuracy: ± 0.1 °C

3. Heating method: oil bath heating

4. Total power: 2.5KW

5. Working units: 2 units

6. Flow control: Precision flow meter

7. Power supply: AC220V / 50Hz

8. Temperature range: 150 ± 0.1 °C

9. Temperature control mode: imported PID digital temperature controller


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