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Marshall Electric Compactor TP-0702

  • TP-0702


This instrument is designed and made as per industrial standard T 0702-2011 and ASTM D5581 in JTG E20-2011 Specification and Test Methods of Bitumen and Bituminous Mixture for Highway Engineering. It’s a standard compacter to be used in Φ101.6mm×63.5mm cylinder test specimen according to the standard Marshall test,Brazilian test(splitting method).


Main technical features

1. Floor type structure. Composed of mechanical drive and control instrument. The mechanical drive is composed of motor, reducer and chain drive.

2. Single chip microcomputer technology in the electric control cabinet,the control panel with the color LCD touch screen.

3.The compaction times and stop delay time can be preset by electric control cabinet, the times value can be selected from 0 to 999 times at will. It will do compaction automatically according to preset value. It will stop, cut off power and motor automatically.

4.Humanized design to move the hammer by hand,It becomes more convenient,safety,effective.

5.Adopting the stationary sample structure of clamping ring,It solves the problem of mold fixing,the mold is difficult to shift and more stable,which gives more convenient and helpful to operators.

6. It equips a safe control rod. It will ensure the compaction head not lowering down when the mould being installed or taken out.


Main technical specifications

1. Hammer weight:  4536g±9g

2. Fall of Hammer:  457mm±1.5mm;

3. Mould:  Suitable for Φ101.6mm×63.5mm   

4. Compaction speed:  (60±5)times/min

5. Compaction times:  (0~999)times

6. Wooden compaction pedestal:  457mm×200mm×200mm

7. Concrete compaction pedestal:  120mm×460mm×480mm

8.Power supply:  AC(220±10%)V,50Hz

9.Motor power:  370W

12.Outline dimension:  Main: 540mm×540mm ×1790mm(L*W*H)

                       Control cabinet: 400mm×330mm×700mm(L*W*H)

13.Net weight:  About 180kg


Optional accessorry

1. Mold professional ejector

Asphalt mixture blender: SYD-F02-20 automatic asphalt mixture blender(recommended)


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