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RP Series High Precision and Rapid Moisture Detector

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RP series high precision and rapid moisture meter is based on electronic balance with high precision weighing sensor and high efficiency halogen lamp heating device to achieve rapid and accurate moisture measurement. Halogen moisture analyzer is a reliable solution to determine the moisture content of your products. This durable and affordable water meter benefits from Chongqing Top Oil Purifier's rich experience in precision instrument manufacturing, as well as many years of professional knowledge of water determination.

This product is widely used in tobacco, paper making, food, tea, beverage, cereal, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical raw materials, textile raw materials and other industries to test the free water contained in samples.



1. High-performance electromagnetic force sensor, up to 0.1 mg readability, provides the best measurement performance.

2. Powerful testing capacity, high precision sensor and stability are combined to obtain accurate test results.

3. LCD display, easy to read parameters

4. Not affected by ambient temperature, no auxiliary equipment is needed.

5. Quick operation and intuitive user interface enable users to quickly familiarize themselves with the operation process of the instrument and start the drying method with one key.

6. Rapid analysis and advanced halogen lamp technology are the key factor to ensure rapid heating and accurate temperature control. The final measurement results can be obtained in the shortest time.

7. Standardized RS232 communication interface, easy to connect printers, computers and other peripheral equipment

8. Weightlessness heating mode (standard heating, step heating, rapid heating molecular mode) meets the needs of moisture determination of solid, liquid and powder.

9. Always maintain accurate moisture results.

10. Moisture Determination in Plastic Processing.

11. Ring halogen lamp heating method can directly heat from the inside of the material, greatly shorten the drying time, but also has features of uniform heating, clean, efficient, energy saving (tungsten halogen lamp is an infrared lamp injected iodine or bromine halogen gas, sublimated tungsten wire and halogen chemical action at high temperature, sublimated tungsten will The tungsten filament is re-solidified on the tungsten filament to form a balanced cycle and avoid premature breakage of the tungsten filament. Therefore, the tungsten filament has a longer life than the ordinary infrared lamp.

12. Selection of USB interface.

13. Selection of Thermosensitive Printers.


Technical Parameters:





Maximum loading


Weighing Readability




Water readability



Repeatability of water content

(standard deviation)







Heating temperature range

60 - 160 °C (interval 1°C)


Temperature Calibration and External Weight Calibration

Drying procedure

Standard heating, stepped heating and weightlessness heating modes

Halt mode

Automatic shutdown, manual shutdown, timing shutdown

Time Setting

0 - 99 minutes (interval 1 minute)

Dimension(l x w x h)

310 x 205 x 200 mm

Display Screen

 LCD display

Baud rate

300 - 9600(adjustable)

Heating Source

Halogen lamp (ring 450W)

Scale Size

Φ 90mm


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