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Online High Temperature Dew Point Meter TP60C-3X

  • TP60C-3X

Product Description

TP60C-3X online high temperature and humidity dew point meter utilizes the latest digital technology and is a classic product of a new generation of temperature, humidity and dew point portable meters. The advancement of digital technology is obvious. Digital signal processing and transmission ensure the high precision and reliability of the product. The signal attenuation and interference of the transmission cable will not affect the measurement accuracy. The calibration data is stored in the probe itself. Therefore, when the measurement environment changes and the probe needs to be replaced, the meter does not need to be recalibrated. As long as different types of probes are replaced, different applications can be met. There must be one for the diversity of probe types and flexible combinations. Can meet your needs.



Products are widely used in the production processes of lithium battery production, compressed air, drying ovens, power plants, metallurgy, scientific research, health and quarantine, food storage, medical equipment, environmental experiments, comparison and calibration, papermaking and textiles, and are especially suitable for types of acid and alkali gases The measurement has no effect on hydrogen, SF6, carbon dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide, and oxygen.


Product Description:

The TP60 series temperature and humidity dew point transmitter is connected to the HC2-S temperature and humidity sensor from Rotronik of Switzerland. The product has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy and wide operating temperature range, which is suitable for applications requiring high measurement accuracy and economy.

1. Display and transmission accuracy: ±0.8%RH, ±0.1°C (23±5°C, 0…100%)

2. The working temperature of the probe is -50...200°C

3. The measuring range can be arbitrarily set in the working environment of the probe by pressing the button to transmit output

4. Signal output: optional 0...5V, 1...5V, 0...10V, 4...20mA output, jumper changes, ordering needs to be specified



Measuring range

Temperature: -50...200°C

measurement accuracy

Humidity: 0...100%RH

Circuit working environment

Dew point: -40...100°C

Probe working environment

Temperature: ±0.1°C (@23±5°C, 0...100%);

Analog output

Humidity: ±0.8%RH;


Dew point: ±2°CDP(at-40°CTd)

Display resolution

0...50°C / 0...95%RH, no condensation

Supply voltage

Temperature: -50...+200°C Humidity: 0...100%RH

Output load

Optional 0...20mA, 4...20 mA, 1...5V, 0...5V, 0...10V output, please specify when ordering


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