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Automatic Surface/Interface Tension Tester (Platinum Plate Method) IT-800P

  • IT-800P
1.Platinum plate method; easy and convenient operation.
2.Automatic digital test to reduce personal operation error.
3.Full scale reset. One button for zero clearing; instant achievement; zero temperature with no drift.
4.Full scale automatic revise: accurate and reliable data with good repeatability.
5.Direct display for the tension value of sample; no need more calculation.
6.Compact structure; working independently with no need of additional equipment like external computer.
7.Can detect surface tension changes caused by different time especially when there is any surfactant or volatile substance.
8.Automatically test middle or high viscosity liquid sample and get balance results.
9.Can test interfacial tension between liquids which don’t mixed like that between oil and water.
10.Can completely replace traditional mechanical surface tensiometer.
11.High cost performance.

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Testing Method Platinum plate method; automatic test
Testing Range 0-600mN/m
Sensitivity 0.1mN/m
Accuracy ±0.1mN/m 
Repeatability ±0.1mN/m 
Display Wide viewing angle backlight LCD screen
Sample Temperature Range 0~100℃(requiring thermostatic bath and cell)
Testing Time 3s~5s for low density sample
Container capacity At least 15ml
Data output RS 232C serial or optional USB data interface
Power Supply AC220V, 1A


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