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ASTM D445 Kinematic Viscosity Tester VST-3000

  • VST-3000


This instrument is designed on the base of VST-2000 with additional compressor condenser, applicable to GB265-88, G1814, ASTM D445, IP71 and other standards, adopts advanced SCM for control and large color LCD with English display and operation tips, high-speed thermal printer and has advantages of auto-storage and auto-printing of testing results and uniform temperature of homoeothermic bathtub. It can be installed with four viscometers simultaneously for oil viscosity testing, and also can be high-viscosity homoeothermic waterbath for other testing.



1. LCD screen; clear display and easy operation.

2. Set by keyboard the viscometer’s parameters of constatnts, temperature control value, fine-tuning temperature value, testing times etc; with memory function.

3. Imported sensor; digital PID temperature control technology; wide range and high accuracy of temperature control.

4. Calender and clock have no power failure; current time automatically shows after starting up.

5. Network communication; Remote control, collecting table functions optional.

6. Good hand feeling of the keys.

7. Adjustable testing times of 1 ~ 6; convenient for test.

8. Test records can be stored; convenient for later check.


Technical parameters:

1. Liquid-bath hole quantity: 2 holes.

2. Temperature control range: -55 - 100°C.

3. Temperature control accuracy: ≤±0.1°C.

4. Input power supply: AC220V±10V 50Hz.

5. Heating power: 800W;

6. Cooling power: 400W.

Testing times: 1 ~ 6 times adjustable.


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