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ASTM D4530 Trace Carbon Residue Tester Model TP-216

  • TP-216


TP-216 Trace Carbon Residue Tester is designed and manufactured in accordance with GB/T 17144 and ASTM D4530. It is suitable for the determination of residual carbon in petroleum products by the micro method. The random configuration includes the necessary parts for the test which can be completed without additional spare parts.


Technical indicators:

Temperature control range: room temperature500℃

Maximum number of samples: 12

Temperature control accuracy: heating rate: 10℃/min15℃/min

Constant temperature accuracy: 500±2℃

Power supply: AC220V/50HZ

Using temperature: 045℃; ambient humidity: ≤80%

During the test, the gas will be automatically vented and cut; the timing will be automatically started; the results will be automatically recorded.

Temperature display: LED 4 digits

Gas in the furnace: N2 gas (The flow rate of 150ml/min and 600ml/min can be switched automatically.)


Main Features:

7-inch touch LCD screen displays the temperature, heating rate, running time, status, etc. of the combustion chamber of the instrument and displays the temperature curve in real time.

Have the functions of fault self-diagnosis and automatic alarm.

It has the function of calculating test results, and can calculate repeatability and reproducibility. The results can be automatically saved and printed.

With the equipment of steady flow and voltage stabilizing devices, the instrument’s flow rates become more stable and can be switched automatically.

Have the function of status display. 12 samples can be measured at the same time.

The LIMS interface can be customized in accordance with the user's requirements to transmit test data.

Testable items of instrument configuration:

It is suitable for determining the amount of carbon residue left after the evaporation and pyrolysis of petroleum products to provide indicators of the relative coking tendency of petroleum products.

Accessories configuration (including manufacturer) (single unit):

Serial Number

Name and Specification Model




Host TP-216

1 set


Sample rack

1 pc


Stove cover

1 pc


Keyboard and mouse

1 set


Sample test tube 4ml

36 pcs


Gas cylinder connection pipe (including 2m pipe)

1 set


Sampling hook

1 pc


Standard oil

1 bottle


Access to LIMS system:

The instrument can be connected to the laboratory LIMS system.


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