Cloud Point & Pour Point Tester PT-2000
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Cloud Point & Pour Point Tester PT-2000

  • PT-2000
Pour point is the lowest temperature when incline-placed solid oil is heated to start move and cloud point is the highest temperature when oil is cooled to stop move under regulated conditions. Both are indexes to measure low-temperature fluidity of oil.
The determinator, applicable to Standard GB/T510 and GB/T3535, is manly employed to determine the pour point and cloud point of transformer oil, lubricating oil and other oil. It is an ideal analyzing and testing equipment which has advantages of reasonable structure, steady functions and easy operation  

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 Testing Range:room temperature—-45℃
 Refrigeration Velocity : ≥70℃/h
 Method of Refrigeration:refrigeration by compressor engine
 Voltage:AC220V 50Hz
 Working Temperature:Temperature≤40℃  Humidity≤80%
 Weight:about 36KG
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