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Series VFD Vertical Type Stainless Steel Press Filter

Features of structure
Its filtering cost is greatly reduced by the filter mesh plate of unique design and no need  of filter paper or filter. And its fully enclosed filtration help avoid pollution and oil loss. The vibrating slags falling  greatly lowers work intensity thus achieve continuous operation. Also the auto valve slagging reduces the workers’ labor intensity a lot.
Principles of filtration and scope of application
- metal mesh + filter aid + pressure
- metal mesh is composed of a multilayer mat type meshes and frames.
- during pressing, bleaching agent forms a filter conductive layer on the halftone to achieve normal filtration.
- suitable for bleaching filtration and crude oil filtration of salad oil, cooking oil and other kinds of oil. 

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Model Capacity (ton/hr) Dimension(LxWxH,mm)
VFD-10 1.5 to 3 1100x1085x2300
VFD-12 1.5 to 4 1580x1100x2500
VFD-15 2 to 5 1680x1185x2500
VFD-20 3.5 to 6 1680x1185x2800
VFD-25 4 to 7 1780x1285x2800
VFD-30 4.5 to 8 1880x1385x2800
VFD-36 5 to 9 1880x1385x3070
VFD-45 6.5 to 11 1980x1485x3200
VFD-52 7.5 to 13 2080x1585x3300
VFD-60 8.5 to 15 2180x1685x3420
VFD-70 9.5 to 16 2380x1685x3420
VFD-80 10.5 to 18 2380x1785x3530
VFD-90 11.5 to 21 2380x1885x3730


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