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Octane and Hexadecane Value Tester TP-131

  • TP-131
TP131 is the latest generation of the octane and hexadecane measuring instruments, in line with ASTM D2699-86, ASTM D2700-86. It adopted the international advanced measurement principles, designed in accordance with the diversity of domestic oil, filled the variety of oil detection gaps. TP131 is more precise, more quick in the detection of oil octane and hexadecane value, both Chinese and English language digital display, high-capacity data storage and print the measured values directly, simple page design, user-friendly operation, using imported shall and chips, sensors using alloy sealed design, long standby rechargeable, applicable to the job site, field and laboratory work.
1. TP131 can detect gasoline octane and diesel hexadecane value simultaneously, a machine for both purposes.
2. The instrument after long-term data collection, its database is integrity, integrated new technologies and developed a variety of detection modes, can detect mathanol gasoline, ethanol gasoline, naphtha, solvent oil, straight-run oil, light oil, aromatics, MTBE, manganese-based, mathanol diesel, catalytic diesel, biodiesel, emulsified diesel and other oil products, filled some gaps in detection of octane and hexadecane values in oil products.
3. The instrument is desktop structure, the countertops made of stainless steel, the design is simple, yet beautiful, easy to use, fully furnished. Using the international permittivity measurement principle, the instrument designed and developed under the requirement of Chinese market, is full compliance with the domestic market, and include the advantages of the original domestic detection equipment.
4. Detect fast, simple and accurate operation, large screen Chinese display with EL backlight support, convenience in dark environments, host panel adopts Chinese menu.
5. The instrument housing import from Germany, durable, small and easy to carry, chips and core components are imported, which increased instrument sensitivity and life, the circuit board can be three-year warranty, the company committed that if there are any non-human quality problems within three years, replace for free. Sensor using metal alloy hermetically sealed, packaging boxes with high strength, high impact, absolutely waterproof, moisture-proof,  dust-proof, enclosing square sponge.
6. The instrument can pre-set the model’s upper and lower limits, when beyond the scope, display automatically, easy to meet user’s testing needs.
7. The instrument has an automatic shutdown saving function, with low power consumption design, 4 rechargeable batteries, charging can be recycled, and the battery is more reliable.
No Description Value
1 The measurement unit of octane is ON (adjustable as needed) 40-120
2 Permissible error of octane, per unit (max) ±0.5
3 Fluctuate range of octane, per unit (max) ±0.2
4 The measurement unit of cetane is CN (adjustable as needed) 20-100
5 Permissible error of cetane, per unit CN (max) ±1
6 Fluctuate range of cetane, per unit CN (max) ±0.5
7 Measurement duration (second) <20
8 Critical value for battery when voltage is too low, V 2.5
9 Monitor,mm(L×W×H) 224x106x40
10 Sensor,mm 60x100
11 Weight, Kg (max) 5
12 Operation duration (unit: hour) 15
13 Display LED screen, printable result
14 Power consumption 30ma


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