Fully Automatic Closed Cup Flash Point Tester TPC-3000
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Fully Automatic Closed Cup Flash Point Tester TPC-3000

  • TPC-3000
No need of gas source; electronic ignition; imported sensor; automatic correction of the air pressure; alerting if over value
The automatic flash point analyzer(closed-up) is designed in accordance with ASTM D93 IGB261-2008, SH/T0315 etc. It adopts microcomputer technology that makes realization of completely automatic. This analyzer has the function of electronic ignition without air source, self fault checking ,high accuracy of testing, strong repeatability, stable and reliable performance, simple operation. It is an ideal flash point analyzer(closed-up) for petroleum,chemical,power station,environmental,railway,scientific research etc.

Main Features:
1.Color touch LCD screen display ,man-machine conversation interface in English with menu director
2.Adopts high speed signal processor: precision simulation/digital converter circuit
3.Adopts PID control algorithm: automatically adjust the heating curve according to standards
4.Built-in automatic atmospheric pressure detector:automatic to detect and correct the atmosphere pressure and self-adjust the flash point.
5.Aspiration,stirring,ignition,testing,alerting,cooling,printing are fully automatic.
6.Automatically detect the whole testing process, opening the lid, ignition, alerting, cooling, printing, etc.
7.Security airless source of platinum alloy to ignite:stable,reliable and high precision
8.Differential detection: automatic correction of systematic bias; automatic stop testing by over temperature detection and alert.
9.Equipped with parameters reminders like: test date, test time etc.
10.Data storage function: store 300 groups testing data.

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Display Color touch LCD display screen
Test method Thermocouple differential detection
Test range Room temperature-350℃
Resolution 0.1℃
Repeatability National standard: flash point<104℃,allowed ±1℃; flash point≥104℃ allowed ±2℃
National standard: flash point≤110℃,allowed ±1℃; flash point>110℃ allowed ±2℃
Printer High speed thermal printerpaper size:55mm
Temperature detection Imported platinum resistance (Pt100Ω
Ignition mode Automatically electronic ignition with airs source
Self-checking automatic fault checking
Power consumption 550w
Temperature Atmospheric temperature: 10℃-45℃humidity: 30-80%
Power AC220V±10%
Dimension 397*305*240 mm 
Weight About 15 kg

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