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Series HFD Horizontal Type Stainless Steel Press Filter

Model :
Series HFD horizontal closed automatic filtering machine is a kind of precision purification equipment with high efficiency, energy saving and automatic closed filtration. It is widely used in chemistry, petroleum, food, pharmaceutical and other industries.
(1) completely closed, no leakage, no environmental pollution;
(2) automatic pulling structure of filtering mesh, convenient for observation and cleaning;
(3) double filtration, big filtration area, large amount of slag;
(4) vibration tapping, which reduces labor intensity;
(5) hydraulic control, which achieves automatic operation; and
(6) the equipment can be used as a filtering system with large capacity and large area.
Range of application
(1) recovery of dry filter cake, semi-dry filter cake and clarification filtration;
(2) chemistry: sulfur, aluminum sulfate, composite aluminum, plastic, dye intermediates, bleach, lubricant additives, polyethylene;
(3) food industry: sugar juice, oil, dewaxing, decoloration and degreasing.

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Area (m2) Diameter of cylinder body (mm) Working pressure (Mpa) Working temp. (℃) Processing capacity (T/h. m2)

oil resin beverage
5,10,15,20 9001000 0.4 150 1-6 2.5-15 5-30
25,30,35,40,45 12001300 0.4 150 5-13 12-39 24-78
50,60,70,80,90 14001500 0.4 150 10-55 25-165 50-230
100,120 16001800 0.4 150 20-72 50-180 100-360


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