DC Resistance Tester TPZC
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DC Resistance Tester TPZC

  • TPZC

TPZC Series winding resistance tester are applied to measure the DC resistance of inductance circuit such as power transformer coil, current transformer coil and so on.<o:p>

Also the tester could be applied to measure the cable resistance in 4-wire mode.<o:p>



1 Winding resistance measurement
2 Discharge the energy automatically when test is ended
3 Print the test results by micro printer<o:p>


Technical parameters

1 Test current<o:p>

   TPZC-2   max test current 2A
   TPZC-10  max test current 10A
   TPZC-20  max test current 20A
   TPZC-40  max test current 40A
   TPZC-100  max test current 100A
   TPZC-20S  max test current 20A Three channels measurement at the same time<o:p>

2 Maximum measurement error: 0.2%RDG+2D
3 LCD display 
4 Maximum voltage out for all series: 20V
5 Resolution: 1μΩ (for all series)
6 Measuring range: 
  1μΩ~4.5kohm( TPZC-2)
  1μΩ~20ohm( TPZC-10)
  1μΩ~10ohm( TPZC-20)
  1μΩ~10ohm( TPZC-40)
7 Rated power supply: AC220V±10%% 50Hz/60Hz
8 Temperature : -10℃~+40℃   RH≤85%<o:p>

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