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car engine lubricating oil purification, oil refinery to restore black oil color to yellow

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Oil decolorization purification equipment
Oil recycling; 
20% power consumption; 
No need filter elements; 
Restore physiochemical index completely; 

Multi-Function Equipment, it has over 40 R&D patents, and it adopts
the pure physical cryogenic distillation and micro-filtration purification
technology, it can fully cracks the molecular chains from different oils,
refractory oxydic impurities wrapped by oil film (which can not be 
filtered by the common oil purifier) under different temperature conditions,
that means, using the pure physical method(flocculation and bridging)
to fully remove all the suspended particles or sediment which can not be
dissolved in gasoline or benzene, to recombine and link the oil molecular   
chain and film, and restore the physical and chemical indexes and 
cleanliness of oil to the Chinese National Standard GB range (the used 
oil must be from the unmixed GB oil).
The Technical parameters of our TPR series equipment
Technical Items Unit TPR-1 TPR-2 TPR-3 TPR-4
Total Power Consumption Kw / h 36 53 67 74
Rated Heating Power Kw / h 3 4.5 6 4.5
Average Power Consumption Kw / h 12 17 22 24
Oil Inlet Flow L / min 55 100 150 200
Working Capacity L/8hours 900 1500 2400 4500
Processing cost USD / Ton 32-55
Operating Voltage V 380
Working oil's temperature °C 30-160
Working pressure MPa ≤ 0.8
Noise dB(A) ≤ 70

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