The Danger of Turbine Oil Emulsification
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The Danger of Turbine Oil Emulsification

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Turbine oil emulsification is very danger to the machine, mainly in the following areas:


First, turbine oil emulsification make slide valve and sleeve, and other components in regulating system severely corrosion, resulting slide valve jam, reducing the sensitivity of adjustment system, as well as load rejection during plant operation. It also may damage the bearing oil film, likely to cause the bearing and journal wearing.


Second, emulsification liquid deposited in oil circulation system will hinder the circulation of oil, resulting in a shortage of oil, affecting heat dissipation, easy to cause the burning of bearing and there may be a serious accident.


What's more, emulsification oil will accelerate the oxidation of the turbine oil, increase acid value, resulting in more oxidized sediments, as a result extending the breaking time for turbine oil emulsification.


Therefore, avoiding the turbine oil emulsification has an important role in ensuring the safe operation of the turbine system. To solve the turbine oil emulsification, focus should be put on product design, manufacturing, installation, operation and maintenance, as well as strict control of the turbine oil quality.



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