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Multi functional transformer oil purifiers

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1)Vacuum degasifying; 
2)Remove out particles,carbons, etc. 
3)Vacuum filling oil on line; 
4)Vacuum Drying. 
5)Reclaim worn oil 

Detailed Product Description
This multi-functional high-effective vacuum oil purifier have multi-functions, such as, vacuum separation, precision filtering, pressure filtering, regenerating and de-aciding, drying the transformers. It can realize the functions ofde-aciding, de-watering, de-coloring,reducing the dielectric loss, removing impurities, raising the flashing point, heating circulation and drying and reach the effect of" one machine,multi uses".
Main  Features:
1.Use patented technology to produce.such as high-efficitive separating tower, fuzzy control technology, dewatering and degassing very effectively.
2.It can purify the losing-efficient insulation oil and make the oil reach the new oil standard without power cut, changing the oil or using filtering papers.
3.Have the function of filling oil under vacuum condition.
4.Solve the problem of removing the acetylene
5.The purifier has large route, strong capability of holding dirt and can be used for a long time.
6.This machine is small, light weight and convenient.
7.The ultrasonic cleaning function can be selected.                                                              

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