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Multi-function Lubricating oil purifier

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Series TYA is specially designed for recovering and purifying various kind of lubricating oil such as the hydraulic oil, mechanical oil, engine oil, fuel oil, gear oil, heat treatment oil and so on. According to the lubricating oil nature, this machine can rapidly remove water, gas, free carbon, metal dross, particulate matters and impurities under low temperature, high vacuum condition for a longer service-life of machine.




1. Strong capability of breaking emulsification.

2. The combination of coalescing separation and vacuum dewatering.

3. Adopt duplex stereo-evaporation technology and G technology.

4. More Deeply and precisely FH rectangle filtering system. The oil will reach to the new oil nature when it was purified.

5. Double-infrared fluid level auto-control system replace manual or floating ball valve control.

6. TOP unique technology with H.P.M high molecule absorption material.

7. A trinity of interlocked preventive device.

8. Carbon fiber infrared heating system.

9. Apply trapezoidal spiral automatic back flushing system.




After the treatment, the hydraulic lubricant oil is head to emulsify and contain little water and impurities, which can fully reused in advanced lubricant equipment in and abroad.

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