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How to Test Hydraulic Oil for Water Content

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When water enters into a closed oil-based hydraulic system it can soon lead performance problems in that system. There's an increase in wear and tear on the system and an eventual corrosion of the equipment that soon leads to system failure. Because of this, testing your hydraulic oil for water can be crucial to maintaining system operation. While there are advanced systems testing equipment and procedures available, there's a simple test of your oil that you can run using nothing more than a hot plate and a sample of the hydraulic oil in your system. The results are immediate, allowing you to proceed quickly to dealing with the water source before further damage to your system occurs.


    • 1.Plug in a hot plate and set the heat to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Place a pan on the burner and wait a few minutes for the temperature of the pan to reach the set level.
    • 2.Dip a wooden stir stick into the hydraulic oil and shake slightly to remove most of the liquid.
    • 3.Move the stick over the hot plate and allow several drops of the oil to drip onto the hot plate surface.
    • 4.Watch the oil for its reaction to the heat. Sizzling or bubbling oil indicates that your oil contains water content and requires cleaning, while a smoking sample indicates no water present.
    • 5.Filter the water from the oil by passing the oil through a water absorption filtration tube if caught before corrosion begins. If the system has corrosion present, replace the corroded parts and flush the system clean of the contaminated oil before replacing the oil within the system.
    • 6.Turn off the hot plate and clean thoroughly with a mild liquid soap and water mixture.


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