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How to Choose the Filtration Precision of Oil Purifier?

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The filtration precision of fine filtration level is as follows:

(1)1~5μm for insulating oil. 

(2)10~20μm for lube oil and turbine oil under 46﹟.

(3)20~50μm for internal combustion engine oil and gear oil  

The following two factors affect the choice of filter precision:

1. The need for oil. For example, insulating oil can get high insulation value by high precision filtration, while large modulus gear has less requirement about impurities.

2. Oil viscosity. Oil with high viscosity cannot pass through the fine filter. The accuracy need to be reduced.


If you only emphasize on the cleanness of the oil and adopt precision filter, the cost for operation cost is bound to increase.

The reasons are as follows: 

(1)Filter often blocks, so it need to be cleaned frequently or even to be replaced.

(2)To make oil pass through the filter faster by increasing axial pressure will often crush the filter.

(3)Add preheat fuel tank, raise temperature and reduce viscosity.

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