Gear oil deterioration phenomenon
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Gear oil deterioration phenomenon

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An appearance change color becomes deeper change mixed with the abrasive. Mechanical impurities and oil mixed.

Viscosity changes with the oil of the viscosity index improver agent due to mechanical shear viscosity caused by the decline in oil oxidation and emulsification sludge resulting in viscosity increase

3, the change of acid value in the oil containing additives of high acid value, use the initial acid value decline in the consumption of additives in the table, post-acid value rise is the result of acidic oxidation products.

4, the moisture increases demulsibility worse. The extreme pressure agent hydrolysis lubrication and possible tooth surface pitting and glue.

5, benzene, pentane insolubles (petroleum ether) increase is the result of the oil in the long-term use at high temperatures, oxidation products and metal shavings, dust and other pollution.


TYA vacuum gear oil purifier which uses a vacuum heating works deal directly with the gear oil in the course of their work to produce the abrasive, water, gas, cleanliness can be achieved NAS6 level and above the new oil filter can be used directly, will not destroy the nature of the oil. It is a small investment, high economic value, but also energy saving and environmental protection, now has the majority of customers trust, recognition.


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