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Advantages of our transformer oil purifiers

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Chongqing TOP is located in the Southwest Electromechanical Manufacturing Center, Chongqing, a municipality directly under the Central Government. It is a professional and leading manufacturer and supplier of Transformer Oil Purifiers and various related testers. The company consists of the technology development department, machinery manufacturing department, instrument manufacturing department, quality control department, and other departments. With mature development and manufacturing technology and a high-quality production management team, the transformer oil purifiers are of high quality, easy to operate, excellent in performance, and long in service life.

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  • We are selling ZYD double-stage vacuum transformer oil purifier

  • Advantages of ZYD two-stage vacuum transformer oil purifier

We are selling ZYD double-stage vacuum transformer oil purifier

ZYD series two-stage vacuum Transformer Oil Purifiers adopt modern advanced technology and are used for transformer oil dehydration, transformer oil degassing, and other electrical insulating liquids such as silicone oil. The ZYD process increases and maintains the dielectric strength of the oil, including the removal of free and soluble water, free and dissolved air and gases, and other particulate matter. Standard ZYD systems are designed to handle oil in workshops, tanks, or directly in transformers (energized or de-energized). ZYD series oil filter can be used as an independent vacuum source, with vacuum drying and vacuum oil filling functions.

To meet the special needs of our customers, we have developed:

ZYD double-stage vacuum Transformer Oil Purifier

ZYD-A PLC automatic transformer oil filter equipment

ZYD-W fully enclosed dielectric processing equipment

ZYD-M Outdoor Mobile Transformer Oil Purification Device

Advantages of ZYD two-stage vacuum transformer oil purifier

1. Factory delivered ready for operation.

2. Various insulating oils in transformers and circuit breakers have undergone one or more degassing, dehydration, and filtration processes

3. The ZYD device has two vacuum pumps (one is a vacuum pump and the other is a booster Roots pump), which can greatly improve the vacuum value. Make sure the moisture content of the treated oil is below 3 PPM.

4. All ZYD-type oil treatment plants are equipped with an automatic defoaming control system.

5. The factory is equipped with built-in controls and safety devices to provide maximum operational safety.

6. Minimize power consumption through optimized degassing (excellent efficiency factor).

7. Standardized filter housings for 5-micron, 20-micron, and 80-micron filter elements.

8. Automatic monitoring of the pollution degree of the fine filter cartridge

9. ZYD can vacuum transformers and other electrical equipment alone. It can also be used for drying electrical equipment and for feeding oil into electrical equipment under a vacuum.

10. The Transformer Oil Purifier adopts a dual infrared liquid automatic controller and pressure automatic protection device, which can ensure that the machine can work continuously online for 150 hours without unmanned operation. So it is a reliable and

High automaton.

11. The interlocking protection system is adopted, and the oil pump, heater, and liquid level sensor are connected to avoid blank heating, blank evacuation, oil leakage, and electricity leakage. If there is any fault, the machine will automatically power off.

12. On-site live work, vacuum drying, and vacuum oiling functions

If you are interested in purchasing Transformer Oil Purifier, visit our website: www.topoilpurifier.comto get more professional information about Transformer Oil purifiers. We will welcome you with high-quality products and good service as well as low prices! To provide comprehensive technical support to our customers, we will provide technical and other related information promptly upon request.

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