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Transformer Capacity Tester TPTC

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Product Introduction:
1.Can precisely measure capacity of various distribution transformers; convenient and accurate.
2.Can measure transformers no-load current, no-load loss, short circuit voltage, short circuit (load) loss .
3.Automatic range switch inside the instrument; allowed measuring voltage and current range width; with simple wiring.
4.When doing the no-load and load test for 3 phase transformer, the instrument can automatically judge if the wiring is correct or not and display the vectogram of 3 phase voltage and current.
5.Single machine can complete load test for distribution transformer below 1000KVA under full current, and for distribution transformer below 3150kVA under one third of rated current.(under one third of the rated current, the instrument can convert to load loss parameter under rated current.)
6.All testing results can automatically make relevant correction. The instrument can automatically make corrections such as: waveform correction, temperature correction, non rated voltage correction, non rated current correction etc.
7.320×240 large screen; high brightness LCD display; achieve friendly man-machine conversation; touch keys easier to operate; wide temperature range LCD display with brilliance control adaptable to each summer and winter season.
8.The instrument can be preset 40 groups of tested product parameters which can be deleted or added anytime according to users need, convenient for use.
9.Comes with real-time electronic clock; automatically record testing date and time; good for saving and managing testing results.
10.Panel type thermal printer to on-site quickly print testing results .
11.Data (tested product setting, measuring result, test time,etc) with power down storage and browsing functions; can store 500 groups testing results and can be connected with computer to send data.
12.Allow external voltage transformer and current transformer for extended range measuring; can measure test object of any parameter.
Technical Parameters:
Measuring range: 0.5V~10V.
Error range: 0.2 grade within full range.
Measuring range: 0.1A~10A
Error range: 0.2 grade within full range.
Measuring range: 10KVA~6300KVA
Error range: transformer capacity measuring 10%
Measuring range: 45Hz~65Hz
Error range: ±0.05Hz within full range.

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