Series JL-I Portable Oil Filtering Machine With Oil Tank
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Series JL-I Portable Oil Filtering Machine With Oil Tank

Model :


This machine is mainly used for precision filtration of mechanical impurities for various engine oil, lubricating oil, machinery oil, hydraulic oil, insulating oil etc. It can also be used for oiling in long distance and high lift. JL-I is equipped with oil tank.<o:p>



It has three-stage filters, light and flexible, easy to operate, no need of filter paper, pollution free to the site. It has wider application and longer service life than ordinary pressure type filter machine. It is a newly type of plate pressure oil filter machine. <o:p>


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Type Flow rate Lift Filtration precision Engine power Power supply Weight

(L / min ) ( m ) μm (KW) 3Ph,50Hz,380V (Kg)
JL-I-32 32 20 5 1.1 60
JL-I-50 50 20 1.1 70
JL-I-80 80 20 2.2 135
JL-I-100 100 20 2.2 150
JL-I-150 150 20 3 180
JL-I-200 200 20 4 220
JL-I-300         300 20 4 250

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