Petroleum Products Density Tester TP-109A
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Petroleum Products Density Tester TP-109A

  • TP-109A
This instrument complies with GB/T1884, applicable to testing the density of liquid crude oil, petroleum products and mixture of petroleum and non-petroleum products.
1. Temperature range: arbitrarily set within 15 ~ 95 ℃
3. Temperature accuracy: ± 0.1
4. Two holes, built-in cooling source
5. Stirring motor power: 20w
6. Heating power: 1500w
7. Stirring shaft, paddle, and housing are made of stainless steel.
8. With nine pieces group densitometer.
9. Microprocessor-based intelligent instrument temperature control; digital display of temperature; temperature correction function.
10. Power: AC220V, 50Hz
11. Dimension: 600 * 500 * 500mm
12. Weight: 35kg

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