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Petroleum Products Ash Tester Model TP-508

  • TP-508
 this instrument is designed and manufactured under the requirements of standard GB/T 508 in “the determination of ash in petroleum products” enacted by the People’s Republic of China, applicable to the testing of ash in petroleum products by the method specified in GB/T508. But this instrument not applicable to the petroleum products contains NA health ash additives(including certain phosphorus-containing compound additive), leaded lubricant and used engine crankcase oil.窗体顶端
1. The instrument consists of two parts, digital box-type resistance furnace and electric hot plates, equipment, small size, small footprint.
2. Box-type resistance furnace with the overall structure, digital temperature controller, special refractories and heater parts, heating
time is short, the temperature overshoot is small, stable and accurate temperature control, long work life, beautiful machine design.
3. The top flat heating plate made of cast iron, steels in tank shell are welded by stamping, small and durable.
1. Power supply: AC220V ± 10%; 50Hz;
2. Rated power: 2500W;
3. The heating range: room temperature ~1000 ℃;
4. The temperature control: (775 ± 25) ℃;
5. The temperature control element: thermocouples;
6. Air furnace heating time: ≤60 min;
7. Temperature uniformity: ≤15 ℃;
8. The chamber size (mm): 200 mm*120 mm *80 mm (length*width*height).

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