Online Oil Quality Tester PTT-002
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Online Oil Quality Tester PTT-002

  • PTT-002

PTT-002 online pollution degree tester is an intelligent, portable and effective analyzing equipment. It could online test and display degree of pollution of oil from hydraulic and lubricating system, so that maintenance staff could take preventive measures in early period, avoiding abrasion and damage upon hydraulic components from containment. In this way, it not only help you minimize maintenance expense, but also help decrease the shutdown time of equipment. Series PTT-002 could also help improve security of system and extend the performance time of your equipment.

Application Area
PTT-002 adopts OLED display screen and displays the degree of pollution of oil in digit. It could test degree of pollution in mineral oils or phosphate synthetic oils, such as hydraulic oil, lubricant oil, transformer oil(insulation oil), turbine oil, gear oil,engine oil and so on. Currently, PTT-002 is widely used in the fields of Aerospace, Electricity, Petroleum, Chemical Industry, Transportation, Harbour, Metallurgy, Machinery, Automobile Manufacturing etc.
1. Weight:538 g
2. Dimension63mm×88mm×45 mm
3. Oil Temperature:-20℃~80
4. Storage Temperature:-40℃~85
5. HumidityOperation under 20%~85%RH; Storage under 98%RH
6. Particulate Size:mm15µm25 µm or 4µm(c),m(c),14µm(c),21 µm(c)
7. Connecting Screw Thread:M10×1mm
8. Standards of Pollution Degree:
    u ISO 4406 01~29
    u NAS 1638 00~12
    u PPM
9.  Online Oil Flow Rate:50mL/min ~300 mL/min 
10. Power Supply:DC 9V ~ 18V  (Power Supply Ripple Wave<30mVp-p)
       Precision of Repeatability:±0.5 ISO Grade 
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