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Light Petroleum Products Sulfur Content Tester (Lamp-Kindled Method) TP-119

  • TP-119
This instrument is designed and manufactured under the requirement of People's Republic of China power industry standard DL / T 706-1999 in "method for testing ignition point of power plant used anti-fuel oil,"apply to test the ignition point temperature of anti-fuel oil whose generator speed control system is more than 30MW.

Technical parameters:
1. For the determination of total sulfur content greater than 0.005% of liquid petroleum products
2. Lamp holder can be adjusted height
3. With a vacuum pump, five pipe
4. Determination of sulfur content is fixed on the glass, unobstructed line of sight, easy to observe and operation
5. Suction flask: 500 to 1000 ml
6. Buret: 25 ml
7. Pipette: 2,5 and 10 ml
8. Power supply: AC220V ± 20V, 50Hz
9. Dimensions: 400 * 250 * 550
10. Weight: 5kg

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