Insulating Oil Gassing Property Tester DPT-20
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Insulating Oil Gassing Property Tester DPT-20

  • DPT-20
DPT-20 insulating oil gassing property tester complies to GB/T11142, ASTM D2300 standards. It is used to test capacity of releasing dissolved gas for insulting fluid under electric field effect which is strong enough to cause discharge on the interface between liquid and gas. It is applied to test cable oil, capacitor oil and transformer oil. This instrument has easy operation and high accuracy, widely applied in petrochemical, electric power, railway, scientific research departments.
Features: digital display of temperature, voltage, time; microprocessor control of temperature, voltage, timing. It mainly consists of stirring unit, high voltage generator, oil bath, temperature control system etc.
Technical Parameters
1. Temperature control range: 60C, 80C                    
2. Accuracy: ±0.3C
3. Test voltage: 10KV                        
4. Accuracy: ±2%
5. Timing range: 1~99 min
6. Power supply: AC220V±10%
7. Frequency: 50HZ [60HZ]
8. Size: 490*400*450 mm

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