Digital Karl Fischer Water Content Tester
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Digital Karl Fischer Water Content Tester

  • TP-6A
This TP-6A water content tester adopts the global recognized classical moisture testing method - Karl Fischer Coulometric Method which is the most accurate method with low cost. With the universal standard and analyzing method, it can quickly analyze the moisture content in liquid, solid and gas and directly display testing results, with testing range from 0.0001%(1ppm) to 100%. Therefore, this testing method has been widely used in institutions and enterprises of petroleum, chemical industry, power, pharmaceuticals, pesticide, railways, research, etc.
The whole testing process is automatically controlled by this tester itself. Its auto-stirring and analyzing would be finished within 60seconds, and results would be displayed directly. Totally closed titration system avoids damage to operator from reagent. Equipped with 500ml Karl Fischer Reagent, which could test about 1000 times sample continuously, completely avoiding big deviations of other moisture testing method and thus improving quality index of products.   
Conform to Standards as follow
GB6283-86 Chemical Products—Determination of Water Karl Fischer Method(General Method)
GB/T606-2003 Chemical Reagent-General Method of Determination of Water(Karl Fischer Method)
GB/T11133-1989 Liquid Petroleum Products-Determination of Water(Karl Fischer Method)
SH/T0246 Light-fuel Petroleum Products-Determination of Water(Coulmetric Titration Method)
GB/T7380-1998 Surface Active Agent-Determination of Water(Karl Fischer Method)
GB/10670-1989 Industrial Fluomethane-Determination of Trace Water(Karl Fischer Method)
GB/T3776.1-1983 Pesticide Emulsifier-Determination of Water
GB/T6023-1999 Industrial Butadiene-Determination of Trace Water(Karl Fischer Coulometric Method)
GB/T1600, GB7600, B/T 18619.1, SH/T 0255 etc.
Application Area
Liquid Chemical Industryalcohols, ethers, esters, alkenes, benzenes, amines, organic solvents, phenols and other organic products applicable to Karl Fischer Method for determination
Petroleum and Power IndustryInsulation Oil, Transformer Oil, Turbine Oil, etc.
Pharmaceutical Industry medicine materials
Pesticide Fieldemulsifier
Other Industryelectrolyte of lithium battery
Solid Various mineral salt, citric acid, explosives, paraffin and other solids with good solubility
Gas Natural gas, liquefied gas, Freon, butadiene, chloromethane, etc.  
1. Advanced MPU auto-control system and direct A/D conversion of testing electrode data
2. Completely closed titration system avoids direct touch between people and the reagent as well as influence of environmental humidity.
3. Auto-control and compensation of electrical current via MCU contributes to quick balance of reagent.
4. Highlighted six-digit Nixie tube display, with long service lifetime, high luminance and 0.1 microgram’ sensitivity.
5. Stirring speed is adjustable and steerable via buttons; breakdown can be self-checked via buttons.
6. Electrolysis and testing indicator lights indicates testing status.
7. 400mA electrolysis current is automatically controlled, which greatly improves its sensitivity and accuracy.
8. Sample auto-testing and direct display of results.

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Method of displa Highlighted six-digit Nixie tube display
Method of Testing Karl Fischer Coulometry Method
Testing Range 1ugH2O—100mgH2O
Moisture Content Range 0.0001%1ppm)—100%
Senstivity 0.1ugH2O
End-point Indication Voice Warning/end-point light indication
Accuracy 3ugH20-1mgH2O, deviation: ≤0.3% of indications
More than 1mgH2O, deviation: ≤0.5% of indications(exclude deviation of sample injection)
Electrolysis Current Auto-control within 400mA
Self-checking Breakdown self-checking button
Drift Compensation Auto-control via MPU
Stirring Speed Steerable
Dimension 350×250×160mm
Working Environment Temperature: 5℃-40℃
Power Consumption <40W
Power Supply AC220V±10% 50HZ±2.5HZ
Weight About 6kg

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